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About us

Just a little bit about us, our story, & the problems we’re trying to solve.


Oisín Halpin
Oisín HalpinOwner
Ben Perceval
Ben PercevalDigital Marketer

Mission #1

To connect businesses with the best team bonding, event, and well-being talent.

Mission #2

To empower our marketplace community to generate meaningful income through the work they love.


To create positive work environments in order to increase talent attraction, motivation, and retention.

Our story

The seed was planted for Thrivey when we became aware of a large disconnect.

There were a huge amount of incredibly talented individuals in every city, whose skills could be tailored to create a large and eclectic range of corporate team bonding, event, and well-being experiences, and very few ways for companies to gain access to them.

To make things worse, there were even fewer ways to ensure an excellent level of service within this fragmented and dispersed community.

Inspired by mission-driven online marketplaces, such as Etsy, and the lofty goal of improving the work environment, we decided to solve this problem with Thrivey. 

We’re an employee experience marketplace, connecting businesses with the best team bonding, event, and well-being talent.


  • Think big

  • Think differently

  • Think long term

  • Think win-win

  • Be empathetic

  • Take the initiative

  • Constantly improve