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Team bonding – misc.

Springboard your teamwork to new heights with some of our miscellaneous team bonding activities.  These assorted events will forge new bonds within your company through some unique & memorable experiences

Give it back days

Everybody has heard the old cliché “giving is better than receiving”. There’s nothing more rewarding and bonding for a team than rolling up their sleeves and channeling their collective efforts into a worthwhile cause for a day. We scour the locality for the worthiest projects and facilitate your team to come and make a difference. We project manage every facet of the day down to the last screw and the last mug of tea – enabling you to just pick up tools and do the good work!

Miscellaneous team bonding

We’re forever adding new team bonding events to our repertoire, so if you want to continue to nail your employee experience – watch this space like a hawk!