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About us

Just a bit about us & our philosophy


Oisín Halpin
Oisín HalpinOwner
Ben Perceval
Ben PercevalDigital Marketer

We have a team of over 70 (& counting) awesome, talented people primed & ready to rock your employee experience


To help companies improve their employee experience through a unique blend of team bonding, mini event, and well-being initiatives


To be the most significant driver for improving the employee experience in every market we enter


To help create a world where people look forward to coming to work every day


  • Think big

  • Think differently

  • Think long term

  • Think win-win

  • Think about others

  • Take the initiative

  • Work smart!

In our own words

We provide you with the framework to create a world-class workplace environment and therefore happy and highly-motivated employees, ultimately increasing business performance and profitability.

We offer a holistic range of services that will support you in designing an outstanding employer value proposition, to create a workplace where your people want to, not have to, show up every day.

Nowadays, human capital is not only the most important company asset, but for many, the largest source of expense. It, therefore, behoves companies to prioritise the employee experience, using HR practices optimised for 21st Century developed economies with highly skilled, highly paid and often job-hopping employees. Put simply (by Richard Branson no less): “The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated”.

I first became aware of the benefits of having a great employee experience during a group project in my Masters. As I pursued the topic further, I became perplexed as to why this cornerstone of business success was so overlooked, not only in university courses but also in the business world as a whole.

For many organisations it’s seen as a ‘nice to have’ or ‘only for companies like Google’ etc. and not the essential bedrock that ‘best in class’ businesses are built upon.

Inspired by the win-win nature of  having a great employee experience (i.e. happy, motivated employees = higher profit), and by the fact that many huge global corporations are now developing it as a major source of sustainable competitive advantage, I decided to make this the topic of my Masters thesis and now, a few years on, the basis for my career.

– Oisín, Owner